Giving Education An EDGE




EdvantEdge Africa is committed to helping tertiary institutions and charities across Africa raise funds to support their capital projects, endowments, or operating expenses of current programs by leveraging on our wealth of experience and networks to gather voluntary financial contributions through our engagement with individuals, businesses, corporate entities and charitable foundations.


Alumni Relations

Knowing well that constantly maintaining affinity with the alumni after graduation can provide invaluable, lifelong support to higher education institutions. EdvantEdge Africa seeks to help tertiary institutions in Africa to build strong engagement with their alumni body such that these institutions are able to get the alumni to support them in so many useful ways.


Institutional Marketing

Getting your institutional marketing right as a tertiary institution is key for increased student enrolment and international recognition. We at EdvantEdge Africa are committed to helping tertiary institutions across Africa optimize their institution and marketing strategies such that they are able to participate favourably in the global space.

Mission and Vision Statement

What we stand by

To see a more virile educational system through the emergence of sturdy educational advancement and linkage offices that is managed by well-trained educational advancement professionals.
Our Vision
To be a foremost company that supports educational institutions towards the achievement of their institutional goals and objectives through effective marketing, trainings, fundraising, partnerships, and alumni relations.
Our Mission


We've had a great time working with our #socialimpact entrepreneurs so far in Phase 2🌱

We want to help all you social impact startups to develop successful business models so here's a how to guide courtesy of The Social Good Guides:

Excited to announce that we've teamed up again with @bankimooncentre and @UNESCO's @APCEIU—this time to launch a new #GlobalEd course on #Gender #Equality & #Women #Empowerment.

Interested in partnering? Impact loves company.

Connect with us:

Proud to announce that @SantanderUni now has made 2,500 scholarships available, to study Digital Transformation through @MITProfessional in areas like AI, Blockchain and Cloud. This is an online course for smart, forward-thinking, leaders of the future.

@cheveningfco @Malkoves @SussexUni Many #Chevening Scholars enroll at this institution.

The current President of #CostaRica (who is a #Chevening brother too) also attended Sussex Uni.

@Malkoves @SussexUni That's it from me for today. Thank you for coming on this #CheveningTours @SussexUni with me. Hopefully you've seen enough to also love Sussex and want to study here. For now, goodbye!🙋‍♂️

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