About Us

Edvant Edge Global Services is a firm that focuses on educational advancement and training for educational institutions especially tertiary institutions in Africa.Our goal is to help institutions realize their unique selling points, leverage on available human and non-human resources to increase their fundraising potentials and in turn, raise more funds and effectively manage these funds for the sakes of developing their institutions.

Over the years, many institutions have struggled to maintain robust relationships with their alumni, donors, partner organizations, etc. thereby losing out of the opportunities available to them. Their failure to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with the individuals and organizations that matter most to their development as an institution is the major reason why many of them resort to increasing student tuition and other similar charges in order to cover the requisite expenses of their institutions. At Edvant Edge, we provide a unique platform for fundraisers, marketers, partnership officers, alumni relation officers and international relations officers to:

  1. Get trained by experienced thought leaders, with track records of success in their chosen fields and areas of expertise, through specialized trainings.
  2. Gather at an annual conference to learn the global best practices in educational advancement from thought leaders in the fields of education, marketing, relations management, fundraising, etc. while at the same time exchanging experiences and


  • Provide a springboard for Educational Institutions to rise and thrive
  • Professional training educational advancement officers including fundraisers, alumni relations officers, international relations officers, marketers, etc. at entry, mid-professional and supervisory levels


  • Vision: to see a more virile educational system through the emergence of sturdy educational advancement and linkage offices that is managed by well-trained educational advancement professionals.
  • Mission: to be a foremost company that supports educational institutions towards the achievement of their institutional goals and objectives through effective marketing, trainings, fundraising, partnerships, and alumni relations.


  • E – Excellence
  • D – Dedication
  • G – Growth
  • E – Empathy


  • Fundraising
  • Alumni Relations
  • Institutional Marketing
  • Linkages and Partnerships
  • Endowments, Bequests and Chairs
  • Specialized Professional Trainings
  • General Advancement Services
  • Community Service


  • Specialized Training for Fundraisers, Relations Managers, Marketers, Development Officers, Directors of Centres, etc.
  • The (Annual) Edvancement Summit
  • Liaison service for educational institutions (Higher Ed & International Schools)
  • Facilitate partnership between institutions and Donor Organizations
  • Marketing (online and offline) support for Educational Institutions to help improve their presence and Webometric Rankings
  • Support on business pitch, project management, and monitoring& evaluation for institutional projects
  • Matching Gift opportunity for educational development projects
  • Crowdfunding platform for educational institutions and their projects
  • Quarterly Edvant Edge Magazine
  • Complimentary Video Skit to project institution’s image