African Education Has To Develop Beyond Face To Face Interaction​

Within a few months a lot of things changed all over the world. Schools are closed, movements have been restricted, physical interaction reduced; trends changed swiftly, entertaining events postponed, the most priced goods now are nose/face mask and hand sanitizers and many of the busiest city of the world have been locked down. COVID-19 has shown us that in just little time, so much can be change. But how prepared are nations for such change. How prepared is Africa? How prepared is her educational sector?

We will agree to the fact that we need swift and lasting solution to this global pandemic and while the world takes some time to “chill out” during the lockdown, it is important  to note that millions of students would be affected. As we have seen in the last couple of months, education is beyond schooling and definitely not restricted by the physical structure in which students learn. With schools shut down while studies as well as assessments have been moved online, it shows that, even in the face of a global pandemic, when proper planning meets preparation, success can still be achieved.

IE University extends delivery of online classes to confront the spread of COVID-19What has happened in many countries of the world shows a high level of preparedness as they were quick to make adjustment even in the face of this unforeseen circumstances. On the other hand, many African countries have had to CLOSE DOWN schools “until further notice”, maybe because they don’t have an alternative platform to switch to or maybe not. A number of African universities do not have school domain mails for their students with no proper student database except for those in the paper files. So, it is near difficult to connect with their students online.

Even when there was no such thing as COVID-19, how many African schools/universities have the capacity to switch from in-person to online access within the twinkle of an eye, how many institutions can afford to let their staffs work from home when we still find it hard to have normal video projection classes from distant location. So if the lecturer travels to another location, class can’t hold till he is back. Some will argue that they are not techy savvy, but you don’t need to be techy to hold online classes. What percentage of the population can actually utilize online collaborations for the sake of work and study? This is important questions that must be answered.

Africa may be slow to change, but we shouldn’t be slow to our learning and development process. It is said not bad to copy, but to “copy the right cat”. We copied rightly by closing down institutions for prevention sake, but where is our plan B? Our Universities do not even know that there are platforms like SIMA Classroom that can help institutions plan lessons and create online classes; easy to reach firms like EDVANT EDGE AFRICA that aims at promoting innovative channels for transforming higher education system in Africa and providing advancement support for institutions.

Africa is Lucky she is the least affected continent with the lowest number of confirmed case of COVID-19 infection; but the time to take action is now. Education in Africa has to develop beyond face to face interaction.

4 thoughts on “African Education Has To Develop Beyond Face To Face Interaction​”

  1. Very true, the Covid19 is an eye opener.

    Here’s a great partnership with amazing benefits awaiting African institutions.

  2. Ayoade Seun Fatai

    Good morning unless government in all our African countries believe in her citizens, then nothing tangible will come out from it.
    Why am i saying all this?
    In most countries, as we all know the world is going tech, most countries made effective use of their limited resources on research unlike Africans, because of poor management and maintenance of things which is making our education to becoming so watery.
    Is as if there are no creative and innovative youths with ideas that can project our education lines but no encouragement for the little and even killing of morals at a point when the trial become helpless.
    Government should invest more in education and take it totally out from politics because education can’t survive when is been controlled by set of politicians.
    As an individual, we should make best use of our limited resources to bring out the best in us in other to give back to the society.
    Most materials been used in our education sectors are absolute with no updated database.
    It takes African countries nothing to continue with online classes this pandemic time,but the rate at which the subscribers encounter difficulties in which leads to discouragement in the long run.
    So for all public sectors, there should be a fluent access to network for online study it will help as students can do thorough research at their leisure time.

  3. An Academics once said Education can take place anywhere as long as the Tutors and learners are willing.
    Today, what is the relevance of formal education in Nigeria particularly?
    Is the demand driven by passion or ego?
    The value for Education is relative to individuals but the result can always be seen in the Society and Nation at large.
    My point is more than changing the method, the learners must desire this knowledge for it to be totally effective.

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